MAMAMOO’s agency is criticized for not delivering fans’ support gifts to Hwasa and lying to fans

RBW sparked controversy as they failed to deliver fan support gifts to MAMAMOO Hwasa as promised.

A, who claimed to be a fan of MAMAMOO, recently posted on Twitter revealing that they prepared support gifts for Hwasa to celebrate the first broadcast of her solo variety show – tvN’s “Hwasa Show” and sent them to the female idol through her agency on the recording day. 

According to A, they collaborated with other fans and asked MAMAMOO’s agency RBW to confirm the date to send support gifts for Hwasa. However, A later found out that the filming schedule had been changed.

A said, “I got the contact of ‘Hwasa Show’ production team to deliver the gifts, however, the production team said they had not been informed of the details of fans’ support gifts. The production team told me that the filming schedule was canceled. The agency replied to me saying the studio had been changed due to a filming delay”. According to A, the filming did not proceed even at the new studio.


In this regard, RBW admitted their mistake and apologized to fans through an e-mail, saying “We are sincerely sorry that the support gifts you had spent a long time preparing for Hwasa Show were not delivered as planned due to our mistake”.

The agency continued, “Therefore, we would like to ask if you are okay with the plan that we prepare and deliver the same support gifts to Hwasa as well as ‘Hwasa Show’ production staff again through the company you contacted before”, adding “As much as you had prepared the gifts with affection for a long time, we will prepare and deliver the gifts with sincerity”.

However, RBW reportedly failed to keep their promise. In a video released by a fan, Hwasa was shocked when the fan asked her if she had received the support gifts and the female idol answered, “No”.


In response to the issue, netizens criticized MAMAMOO’s agency, saying “The company is so irresponsible”, “If you couldn’t receive support gifts, you should have informed fans of it from the beginning”, “At this point, the culture of sending gifts to stars should disappear”, “Her fans must have been very upset”, etc.

Source: Nate

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