Fans Are Angry As EXO’s Song For Fans Was Used In Chen’s Wedding

Chen (real name Kim Jong-dae), a member of the idol group EXO, recently held a wedding ceremony

On October 22nd, Chen married his non-celebrity wife at a hotel in Jamsil, Seoul.

exo chen wedding

Chen’s wedding ceremony was held behind closed doors, but guests who attended the wedding posted photos and videos on various social media platforms.

According to the released photos, all EXO members, including Kai, who is currently serving as as social service soldier, attended the wedding.

Some EXO fans who saw Chen’s wedding video showed discomfort. This is because EXO’s song “Don’t Go” was played at the wedding.

Earlier, EXO appeared on “Killing Voice,” a show of the YouTube channel “Dingo,” and calling this song “a pretty song that connects EXO and EXO-L.”

In response, some fans expressed their upset that Chen used a song that were meaningful to EXO and their fandom for his wedding.

Earlier in January 2020, Chen announced the news of his marriage and premarital pregnancy with his girlfriend at the same time, and held his first daughter in her arms in April of the same year.

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