“Running Man” Jeon So Min refuses interviews after being eliminated in a rap battle, “Don’t air this scene”

Jeon So Min got sulked after being eliminated twice.

The August 27th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” showed Jeon So Min being forced to leave.

Jeon So-min

At their accommodation, the members started doing a skit with the concept of an audition. Jeon So Min performed her rap first, then Song Ji Hyo also gave it a try. Seeing Song Ji Hyo’s appearance with messy hair, Yang Se Chan commented, “I personally like your farmer’ visual”, drawing laughter. Song Ji Hyo also replied, “I have lots of baby hair”.

Receiving bonus points for her messy hair, Song Ji Hyo passed the rap audition, while Jeon So Min was eliminated. When Haha said, “You’re too mischievous to be with us”, Jeon So Min shed tears as she was escorted outside by safety guards.

Jeon So-min

She then created a situation targeting Haha, saying “Does he even know hip-hop? I’m not doing interviews. Put the camera away”.

Jeon So Min added, “My rap performance was perfect, don’t air this scene”, then refused to answer the interview with an angry expression, drawing laughter.

In the end, Jeon So Min tried to reverse the game with a dance, but she was once again kicked out by the guards, causing a sea of laughter.

Source: Daum

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