Following multiple generous donations, Lee Young Ae shows support for the victims of Itaewon disaster 

Lee Young Ae is exerting good influence during Korea’s national mourning period. 

Arthur Park, the father of Yuliana Park, 25, a Russian who died in the Itaewon disaster, complained to the media on November 2nd about the cost of transporting her daughter’s body.

In an interview, Park confessed that it would cost $5,000 to transport his daughter’s body to her hometown in Russia, and it was difficult for him to afford it. On November 4th, he will have to take the ferry to Vladivostok, Russia, departing from Donghae Port in Donghae-si, Gangwon-do. If he misses it, he will have to wait for another week.

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Lee Young Ae, after hearing about this, reportedly expressed her intention to support Park’s transportation costs.

This is not the first time Lee Young Ae has done good deeds.  In March, she donated 100 million won to Ukraine, which suffered damage from the Russian invasion. In her letter, Lee Young Ae said, “As a family of veterans who have suffered war, I feel the horror of war more than anyone else. I earnestly wish that the war will stop and peace will be established in Ukraine, and I pray for the well-being and safety of all Ukrainians.” 

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She continued, “I hope that the people of Ukraine will not lose hope and courage. As a peace-loving, free Korean citizen, I want to convey my small but precious heart to the people of Ukraine.”

Starting with her Lee Young Ae, Korean stars’ donations for Ukraine continued. Im Si Wan, Yang Dong Geun, Narsha, U-Kiss, comedians Shim Hyun Seop, Jang Hang Joon, and Kim Eun Hee also paid attention to international issues by making donations.

In July of last year, Lee Young Ae also donated 200 million won to the underprivileged who are suffering from COVID-19. She has donated 100 million won to Asan Hospital in Seoul, asking for 50 million won for the citizens of Daegu in 2020, and then for the treatment of pediatric patients and medical staff. She has continued her meaningful journey as an influential star.

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Lee Young Ae even saved life. In 2014, she helped pay for the hospital bills of a Taiwanese pregnant woman who gave birth prematurely after she had an accident in Korea. In particular, it was known that Lee Young Ae supported her both physically and mentally.

Lee Young Ae’s husband, businessman Jeong Ho Young, has also donated large sums of money in the past. Jung donated 20 billion won (49% of his company’s stake) to the Welfare Foundation for the Disabled.

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In addition, while maintaining the sincerity of her donation, Lee Young Ae’s good deeds are creating a virtuous cycle of good influence that leads to other donations.

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