Yoo Ah In went to the U.S. right before investigation of propofol use, returned on February 5th

Actor Yoo Ah In reportedly traveled to America before being investigated on changes of habitually using propofol. 

According to an exclusive coverage of Star News on February 9th, it was belatedly confirmed that Yoo Ah In departed from Los Angeles (LA) on the morning of February 4th (local time) and arrived at Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 5th.

Yoo Ah-in

Apparently, the actor recently returned to Korea on February 5th after going on a trip to locations such as Utah and Los Angeles with his acquaintances. The very next day, on February 6th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit summoned and investigated Yoo Ah In on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of habitually administering propofol at multiple hospitals, is currently banned from leaving the country, and the police have requested a drug-related evaluation to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation after receiving Yoo Ah In’s body hair sample. 

Yoo Ah In

Meanwhile, regarding Yoo Ah In’s alleged use of propofol, Yoo Ah In’s agency, UAA, said, “We have been investigated by the police”, adding, “We are actively cooperating with all investigations related to this and will actively explain the problem.”

Source: Nate

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