The 95-line KPOP male idols who have both amazing visuals and talents

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Hereafter is a list of 95-line KPOP male idols who have both amazing visuals and talents. Can you guess?

Wanna One/NU’EST Hwang Minhyun

After Produce 101, Hwang Minhyun was the only one in 4 members of NU’EST got in the top 11 of the show, becoming Wanna One’s member. Minhyun has an attractive appearance, amazing singing and dancing skills, as well as good personality.

Wanna One Ong Seongwoo

Since the first days of Produce 101 season 2, many people chose Ong Seong Woo as the winner of the show because of his unbelievable singing and dancing skills. In addition, Ong Seongwoo has been garnering lots of attention online for his good looks, many fans are even going so far as to dub him this contest’s main visual. He is now truly an important part in Wanna One.

NU’EST Choi Ren

He has a visual that makes every girls jealous of. Despite of his amazing appearance, REN always tries his best to show everyone his talents. 

NCT Lee Taeyong

Tae Yong is called as the one who comes from a comic book. Not only owns a high nose, smooth skin, and thick lips, he also amazes fans with his rapping skills. Almost all of NTC’s rap parts were written by Tae Yong. Additionally, he also makes fans fall hard for his skilled dance moves and sexy look on stage.

BTOB Yook Sungjae

BTOB’s maknae Sungjae received many compliments from members for his sweet and nice look. He is  one of Kpop idols who has natural beauty without plastic surgeries. Though he is not the group’s main vocal but he stil melts fans’ hearts with his sweet voice. Not only that, Sung Jae is also one of idols, who is good at acting, with many dramas like Plus Nine Boys, School 2015, The Village: Achiara’s Secret. Most recently, Sung Jae showed his acting skills through his role in the hit movie Goblin.

BTS Jimin

Jimin is one of the Kpop male idols, who born in 1995. Along with good-looking face, his lovely and cute smile makes fans’ hearts skip a beat. At first sight, his cute face resembles a mochi or Korean rice cake. So, Jimin is often known as BTS’s “mochi cute”. He also drew attention with his impressive dancing skills on stage. If in the daily life, he is a cute guy, on stage he completely “turns” into an artist with a seductive, sexy, attractive look.


V – BTS member, born in 1995, has a handsome face with big round eyes, high nose and sexy lips. He ranked first on the list of top 100 most handsome men in the world. Not only fans, but also many Korean stars expressed their admiration for V’s beauty. In addition, he also has sense of humor. He is considered as “BTS’s vitamin”, bringing energy and vitality to the group.
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