“Agency” Lee Bo Young asked to appear “5 years younger” than Son Na Eun during filming

Actress Lee Bo Young made a cute request to look younger than Son Na Eun while filming JTBC’s drama “Agency”.

On January 30th, the Youtube channel JTBC Drama uploaded a new video titled “Go Ah In tears a special person… no tears the paper. Behind of ‘Agency’ episode 7”.

The released video shows Lee Bo Young, Son Na Eun and Jo Sung Ha doing an acting rehearsal.

Lee Bo Young Agency

During the rehearsal, Lee Bo Young showed her professional side by correcting the eye expressions of her junior actress Son Na Eun.

The rehearsal went smoothly in a friendly atmosphere as Lee Bo Young and Son Na Eun kept laughing every time they made eye contact. The director praised Lee Bo Young, saying “Ah In (played by Lee Bo Young) is digesting her 20th page today. How amazing!”.

Lee Bo Young Agency

Later, Lee Bo Young sat down to do a burst shot. The actress raised her voice, saying “Then I have to appear on the screen beautifully”, adding “Please make me look 5 years younger than Na Eun”.

When the director couldn’t forget what he said earlier, Lee Bo Young showed a mischievous smile. 

In addition, when Lee Bo Young was memorizing confusing lines, Son Na Eun interfered. Lee Bo Young reacted, “What’s wrong with you?”, drawing laughter. 

Agency Son Na-eun Lee Bo Young

Meanwhile, episode 8 of JTBC’s “Agency”, which aired on January 29th, reached a new viewer rating peak of 12.4% in the Seoul area and 12% nationwide (based on Nielsen Korea’s data). The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m.

Source: daum

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