YG suddenly announced BLACKPINK’s junior girl group’s debut plan in the Japanese market

The new girl group XG is set to debut this year in Japan.

Recently, information about YG‘s new girl group is receiving a lot of attention from fans. Many theories say that as YG is too busy preparing for the junior’s debut, they forget about BLACKPINK, resulting in the group’s long-lasting hiatus of more than 500 days.

While waiting for BLACKPINK‘s “younger sister” girl group to debut, on February 18th, YG suddenly announced the debut of another new girl group, who is also a junior but rather a “distant relative” of BLACKPINK. A 7-member girl group called XG will debut on March 18th in Japan. These 7 members include: Jurin, Chisa, Cocona, Hinata, Maya, Juria, Harvey.

Poster announcing the debut of girl group XG
Poster announcing the debut of girl group XG

The poster reveals the group’s cool girl crush concept, all 7 members are dressed in elegant and extremely powerful black suits. Netizens couldn’t help but feel excited with the group’s badass aura:

– Wow, they’re so pretty, but they really have mature images.

– I almost thought they were Baby Monster, turns out they will have a debut in Japan?

– Oh my god this aura!

– Cool, but is anyone confused by the girl in the middle’s pose?.

– This group’s debut is in Japan, so amazing!

– The blonde is so pretty, the whole group is slaying.

– Why doesn’t such a cool group debut in Korea?

– But how old are this group’s members? The girl in the center looks a bit old.

XG is a project that YG Japan cooperates with AVEX to produce. Before the official debut announcement, XG also impressed the audience by dance performance videos that attracted millions of views on YouTube. It is known that XG has had a very thorough preparation time since 2017 before officially debuting.

XG – Dance Performance #1
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