BoA and aespa’s Karina criticized for joking about SNSD Hyoyeon’s tanned skin

BoA’s joke about Hyoyeon (SNSD) has created a heated debate among netizens.

GOT (Girls On Top) is the hottest “monster rookie” girl group these days. Despite being a rookie, this girl group in fact gathers the famous female idols of SM’s 4 generations, including BoA, Taeyeon Hyoyeon (SNSD), Seulgi Wendy (Red Velvet), Karina Winter (aespa).

However, recently, a joke made within the group has become a controversial topic on social networks. In a video of BoA, Hyoyeon, and Karina using 5 words only to answer the question “What’s your first impression of each other?,” BoA‘s answer about Hyoyeon was “She was very tanned.” This seemingly armless statement caused a fierce debate because some think BoA was being sarcastic about Hyoyeon’s skin color.

BoA's comment "She was very tanned" to Hyoyeon caused a controversy on social networks.
BoA’s comment “She was very tanned” to Hyoyeon caused a controversy on social networks.

White skin is the beauty standard in Korea, so many netizens think that BoA‘s answer has negative connotations. Even though Hyoyeon laughed and asked back, “Was I that tan?”  in a fun way, many fans think that BoA‘s statement might have hurt the SNSD member’s feelings, and at the same time criticize the veteran singer for her lack of sensitivity. Karina was also criticized for laughing along in this situation.

Many fans expressed their pity as many Kpop idols had to pretend to be happy in front of the camera despite having to hear negative comments about their appearance. However, there are also opinions that the female idols were having fun together and BoA‘s statement was not malicious. In addition, BoA and SNSD have kept a close sister-like relationship for many years, so this must not be a serious statement. Currently, SM Entertainment and the Girls On Top trio have not commented on this controversy.

 Although Hyoyeon also laughed along...
 Although Hyoyeon also laughed along…
 ... but many fans think that the SNSD member’s feelings were hurt...
 … but many fans think that the SNSD member’s feelings were hurt…

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