Worst Korean movie couple in 2023: No chemistry even in the kissing scene

A Korean movie has tanked both in and outside of Korea, and viewers believe this is due to the lacking chemistry of the main couple. 

“When Our Love Remains As Scent”, which was released in Korea in February, did not do well at the box office at all. So far, the film has earned just over 115 million won (approx. 90,000 USD), an extremely low number for the Korean film industry. Compared to the hit Korean film “The Roundup” (11.3 billion won in box office and still increasing), which was also released in the first half of 2023, the tremendous failure of “When Our Love Remains As Scent” is evident.

When Our Love Remains As Scent

In addition to its low popularity, “When Our Love Remains As Scent” also received a lot of criticisms for its lacking script and poor chemistry between the main couple. Despite starring Yoon Shi Yoon and Seol In Ah, who are both well-known on the Korean screen and have  displayed good chemistry with other co-stars, “When Our Love Remains As Scent” simply has no “couple feeling”.

Below are some comments from netizens on a film review site: 

  • This feels more like a web drama than a movie. It’s quite boring.
  • I’ve never seen such a movie where the main couple has no chemistry at all. Not worth watching.
  • I can barely stand watching this for more than 30 minutes. There’s no chemistry, and why is everything happening so fast?
  • The only reason I watched this film was because of In Ah, but I didn’t feel any chemistry
  • Somehow this reminded me of “Love Potion No. 9”, similar premise and all
  • I’ve never seen such a bland love story, to the point where even the kissing scenes feel lackluster

In “When Our Love Remains As Scent”, Yoon Shi Yoon assumes the role of Chang Soo, a seemingly ordinary man who has had a rough life and has never experienced the feeling of romantic love. Everything changes after he sprays a mysterious perfume that makes women unable to resist his charm. This leads Ara (Seol In Ah) to fall in love with him for no reason and lose control when in front of Chang Soo.

Source: k14, MDL

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