“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” star shared thoughts on playing a character with disability 

Actress Oh Hye Soo, who recently appeared in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, shared her opinions in an interview. 

Oh Hye Soo recently appeared as Hye Young – the main character of the 10th episode of ENA original drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which was broadcasted on July 28th. Here, the actress left a deep impression with her wide range of emotions and expressions, having played a character in an extremely unstable state of mind. 

In this latest episode, Oh Hye Soo fully understood and digested her role, having performed detailed acting that could convince every viewer. As of the moment, the actress has been receiving favorable reviews for her ability to capture aspects of her character that were not easy to express. She also just appeared in an interview, where she revealed her thoughts and behind stories on the set of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

Below is the full transcript of Oh Hye Soo’s interview: 

– The character Hye Young must not have been easy to express, but what part did you want viewers to see well?

Instead of portraying Hye Young’s “disability” as a representative part, I want it to be just a characteristic of this character. I also thought that Jeong Il (Lee Won Jung) was showing pure affection, rather than immature judgment. Therefore, instead of trying to judge Jung Il’s good and bad sides, I focused more on Hye Young’s feelings. 

– Various relationships were formed within this episode. How did you express the differences between these relationships?

For Hye Young, her mother is an absolute presence, so she has no choice but to be constantly concerned about her mother in every scene, even if she is not there. So, it must have taken a lot of courage for her to overcome that fear. Therefore, I try to think simply from Hye Young’s perspective and figure that Jeong Il is the person Hye Young likes, her mother is the person Hye Young follows, while Woo Young Woo is the person that will help her. 

– What scene in episode 10 impressed you the most?

It’s the scene where Hye Young cries heavily after hearing the ruling for Jeong Il. It is really hard for anyone to see a tragedy happen to the person they love with all their heart. Even when he was a ‘gigolo-like bastard’ in other people’s eyes, he was ‘love’ for Hye Young. It was even sadder knowing the efforts she made to protect the person. It felt more regrettable when comparing the story to the romance of Young Woo and Jun Ho couple.

– After Jeong Il was imprisoned, what will Hye Young do?

Through this incident, I think Hye Young has taken a step beyond the line that surrounded her. Hopefully, Hye Young can reveal her thoughts and feelings a bit more and dreams of living confidently like Young Woo. I cheer for Hye Young and hope that she can gradually become independent from her mother. In addition, I hope she meets someone who loves her with all their heart like the way Jun Ho loves Young Woo. 

– Lastly, how do you feel about appearing on “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”?

It was my honor to be able to appear in such a good drama. I want to thank the director and staff who always made me feel more confident and supported me during the filming. I learned a lot from the seniors. It was always fun and comfortable to go to the filming set with the warm and bright atmosphere. Everyone who created “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cherished the work deeply and I think our hearts have also been conveyed to viewers. Please continue to watch the remaining episodes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, and cheer for my future activities.

Source: daum

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