Jessi Reveals Reason Behind Dramatic Face Transformation, Confesses to No Bra and Quitting Smoking 

On the show “Look Me Up”, Jessi candidly talks about her plastic surgery, confessing to having fillers

On the episode of “Look Me Up” released on October 27th, Jessi searches for her name on the internet. She checked her photos registered on NamuWiki and found that her height was listed as 167 cm and weight as 56 kg. In response, she casually said, “Is my weight 70 kg? It doesn’t matter. It’s not important.” 

Regarding her agency, she explained, “I was trying to create an agency by myself after leaving Psy’s, but then Jay Park contacted me, and we decided to work together. Jay Park is just one year older than me. When I remove my makeup, I look like a baby.” 

She also mentioned that she learned a lot during her three years with Psy and chose to join Jay Park’s agency because she enjoys taking on new challenges.

Jessi shared her chemistry with Yoo Jae-suk while working together on a program, “He believed in me, and my confession about breast surgery was a mistake.” She expressed her gratitude, “What’s really touching is that Jae-suk told me to take good care of my health. He is just like a father.” 

Regarding the rumors about her moving to Antenna Entertainment, she explained, “Jae-suk oppa asked me if I was going to Antenna, and I found it strange that the rumor was spreading. I didn’t even know about it. It’s just a rumor.”

Jessi watched a video of herself from four years ago and found a comment that said, “You were so cute and pretty even before the plastic surgery” She said, “I was cute before the plastic surgery; I was chubby back then, and I was severely bullied. I lost weight during summer vacation, and when I came back, I became a different person. I even got my nose pierced back then.” 

Jessi added, “People say plastic surgery is good, and although I didn’t have much done, I don’t regret it. I used fillers for a while, but now I’ve dissolved them. I dissolved the lip filler, so my lips are still the same when I remove lipstick.

Notably, while watching her past videos with a matured appearance, Jessi exclaimed, “Is this my face? Who is this?” She expressed her dislike for Photoshop and filters, “Don’t do things like this, please.” She continued, “Why hide your naturally pretty face with heavy makeup?,” responding confidently.

Jessi also addressed the rumor that she doesn’t wear underwear on stage, saying, “I’m not wearing a bra today either.” She honestly admitted, “I’ve quit smoking for over a year, and I can’t stand the smell. I quit e-cigarettes as well.” 

Source: daum

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