WJSN, from Jang Won-young to Sunmi… New song “Last Sequence” SNS challenge

Girl group WJSN is creating a craze for their new song Last Sequence’s challenge.

WJSN recently made a comeback with the title song “Last Sequence” of their special single album “Sequence”. They are conducting the “Last Sequence” challenge through the global short video platform TikTok.

Accordingly, various artists are participating in the challenge along with WJSN members, contributing to the craze. The addictive melody and the choreography that two people can create together make the challenge more charming.

In particular, Bona and IVE Jang Won-young drew attention as they participated in the challenge together. As the two of them, who are senior and junior under the same agency, are considered visual members, their two-shot became a hot topic.

@official_wjsn [WJSN] #숏퀀스_챌린지 스타쉽을 대표하는 투탑 비쥬얼 보나와 원영이의 Last Sequence ???#Last_Sequence#라스트시퀀스_챌린지#Shortquence_challenge

♬ Last Sequence – WJSN

Besides, Sunmi, BTOB Lee Min-hyuk, Viviz SinB, Winner Lee Seung-hoon, Astro Moonbin & Sanha, Kim Min-ju, Young Tak, fromis_9 Jiwon, Hayoung, IRRIS, Lapillus, XG and the “Last Sequence” choreography team participated in the challenge and provided a variety of interesting attractions.

Meanwhile, WJSN, which made a comeback with their special single album “Sequence” after 1 year and 4 months, is carrying out promotional activities. As it is their first comeback after winning Mnet’s competition program “Queendom 2“, they are receiving favorable reviews for their upgraded performance.

Source: daum

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