Who made Park Eun-bin cry? Throwback to Taeyeon and The One’s “Like A Star” MV 

The “Masterpiece MV” to be introduced today is Taeyeon and The One duet single “Like a Star” released in November 2010. The combination of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s pure yet appealing voice and The One’s mournful and delicate emotional expression maximized the listeners’ mood immersion. 

Above all, this song added a special meaning in that it was the first reunion between a vocal teacher and his favorite student after 10 years. Taeyeon promised a duet song with The One, who she met as her vocal teacher before her debut, and over the years, she kept her promise. 

The desperate confession to one’s beloved doubles the emotion. The music video also added emotions to the heartbreaking love story. 

Actors Park Eun-bin and Yoo Seung-ho appeared in the music video of “Like a Star” to depict the emotional changes of a man and a woman ahead of their separation. The music video starts with Park Eun-bin’s sorrowful face, shedding tears after hearing that her lover wanted a breakup. 

Park Eun-bin, who had never even imagined hearing a breakup notice, was full of excitement until she met Yoo Seung-ho, and Yoo Seung-ho, who had decided to cut their relationship, only felt burdened to meet Park Eun-bin. 

The couple faced each other like that. Eventually, tears drop from Park Eun-bin’s eyes at Yoo Seung-ho’s words of “Let’s break up.” Angry at the unexpected breakup notice, Park Eun-bin jumps out of her seat. 

Would they have predicted that it would be difficult to handle such a heartbreaking breakup? Yoo Seung-ho caught Park Eun-bin, who turned to avoid him. The music video, which showed a never-easy parting between the two, ends with an open ending of eternal love.

Park Eun-bin and Yoo Seung-ho’s chemistry in the MV “Like A Star” is absolutely impressive. Transforming from Korea’s representative child actors into veteran actors, the two’s deep experience conveyed in their short chemistry is extraordinary.

Also, since they have worked together countless times since childhood, including works, advertisements and pictorials, the looks and emotions they exchange are natural. The heart-breaking song was added, making viewers more immersed.

Park Eun-bin debuted at the age of five and has acted in numerous television series as a child actress and younger version of various characters. She has been loved by showing her growth from cute and lovely childhood to energetic and ambitious adolescence.

Currently, she is playing the role of Woo Young-woo, a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder, in the popular drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Park Eun-bin is once again proving her unlimited acting spectrum by adding trust in the acting skills that she has been building up over the years.

Source: daum

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