Netizens reacted to rumors of “20-year friends” Zhou Xun and Chen Kun getting married

Zhou Xun and Chen Kun’s side are both staying silent after rumors of them getting married circulated. 

On February 24th, Hong Kong media started to report that 2 famous Chinese stars, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun, have registered their marriage. Immediately, the news drew huge attention from Chinese as well as foreign netizens.

zhou xun chen kun

However, so far, both Zhou Xun and Chen Kun’s side have not spoken up about their alleged marriage. Some netizens also expressed their disbelief, claiming that this must be an ungrounded rumor, while others took to congratulating the couple. Comments such as, “Isn’t Zhou Xun dating a younger boyfriend?”, “If this is true, that’s great for them”, “I have always thought they are a couple”, “I’m pretty sure this is not true, but if it is, congratulations”, and “Wow, haven’t they been friends for a while”, can be found all over SNS.

zhou xun

Chen Kun, born in 1976, and Zhou Xun, born in 1974, are both top stars who are recognized for their outstanding acting skills in the Chinese showbiz. They have been close friends for over 20 years, and used to collaborate in the 2000 TV drama “Love Story in Shanghai”. 

Zhou Xun has divorced her former husband, Archie Kao, in 2020, after 6 years of marriage. Meanwhile, Chen Kun is single, though he adopted a son named Alex Chen.

zhou xun chen kun
zhou xun chen kun

In the past, Zhou Xun once said that Chen Kun is the only man in the world that can forgive all of her mistakes. Meanwhile, Chen Kun regards Zhou Xun as a close friend and special woman, who he can share everything with. It is known that Zhou Xun also considers Alex Chen as her son. 

With such a close relationship, many netizens are cheering for Chen Kun and Zhou Xun’s rumored marriage. They also comment that the love the couple has for each other has love transcended friendship. 

Source: Weibo

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