185cm tall and a muscular body but Song Kang is full of cute talking      

The actual talking tone of actor Song Kang, who recently showed a hot bed scene with Park Min-young in the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather”, is drawing attention from fans. 

In the second episode of JTBC’s weekend drama “Forecasting Love and Weather”, which aired on the 13th, kiss scenes and a bed scene of Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) and Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) were revealed.

Song Kang cute moments

Song Kang took off his top and showed off his strong muscles, catching the eyes of viewers. But then, he continues to melt women’s hearts with his “unexpected charm” of cute talking tone online.


Song Kang posted a photo of his haircut on his Instagram in July last year, showing off his cuteness with an adorable tone, saying, “My hair has gotten so short.”


In addition, Song Kang communicated with his fans in September last year, using a tone like a boyfriend acting cute to his girlfriend, saying, “I almost cried because it was sho hot,” and “What should I do if I can’t shleep?”


In November last year, he posted on his fan cafe, “Donkatsu is for after tomorrow’s shoot”, “Like alarm… will watch it whenever I have time ><,” He showed off his lovely charm. Fans are all the more enthusiastic when Song Kang, who is 185cm tall and has a muscular body, reveals his cute personality.

Song Kang cute moments

Meanwhile, Song Kang is active as a productive actor, starring in Netflix series “Sweet Home”, “Love Alarm”, tvN drama “Navillera”, “Nevertheless”, and so on.

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