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The red carpet of Bucheon International Film Festival 2022: full of visuals goddess, SHINee Minho looks like a whole statue?

The 2022 Bucheon International Film Festival welcomed all sorts of stars, including SHINee Minho, Han Sun Hwa, Lee Joo Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Kim Ye Won, and many more.

On July 7th, the opening ceremony for the 2022 Bucheon International Film Festival (BIFAN 2022), was held in Bucheon, Gyeonggi, Korea. The even quickly became a hot topic with its guestlist full of stars, including SHINee member Minho, the once legendary Kpop idol Han Sun Hwa, as well as many other actors and actresses like Lee Joo Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Yoon Kyun Sang, Park Byung Eun, and so on. 

On the BIFAN 2022 red carpet, visual goddesses Lee Joo Yeon and Han Sun Hwa were neck to neck, as both female stars showed up in a body con black gown that perfectly highlighted their spectacular figures. If Han Sun Hwa lived up to her title of “Kpop goddess”, then Lee Joo Yeon, who was once said to date G-Dragon, experienced a total transformation. Meanwhile, SHINee member Minho stood out with his large frame and visuals so spotless, he was compared to a Greek statue. 

Lee Joo Yeon
“G-Dragon’s ex-lover” Lee Joo Yeon showed up in a fishtail black gown, boasting her glowing fair skin. 
Lee Joo Yeon
The actress’s outstanding hourglass figure easily drew attention
Lee Joo Yeon
However, when it comes to her face, many netizens found Lee Joo Yeon completely different from normal. Some said that Yoo Jeon must have got beauty procedures, while others contended that the transformation is due to the change in makeup style. 
Han Sun Hwa
Meanwhile, Han Sun Hwa became the talk of town with her black gown with a bold slit. 
Han Sun Hwa
Side by side with actor Park Byung Eun, Han Sun Hwa is still as gorgeous as during her prime 
Han Sun Hwa
Now 32 years old, “Kpop goddess” Han Sun Hwa flaunts her blemish-less skin and youthful beauty, even in close-up photos.
Shinee Minho
SHINee Minho looked supper dashing and heart-swooning as if he just stepped out of a K-drama
Shinee Minho
After all the years, Minho is still undoubtedly one of the most handsome Kpop idols 
Yoon Kyun Sang
Yoon Kyun Sang, who once starred in hit K-drama “Pinocchio”, exuded a cold aura, despite his cute finger heart 
Park Byung Eun
Actor Park Byung Eun – the co-star of Seo Ye Ji in “Eve”, radiated a strong and masculine charm 
Sol Kyung Gu
Sol Kyung Gu did a heart finger pose on the red carpet. He is known as one of Korea’s “box office kings” thanks to the success of movies like Hope, Oasis, Candy,…
Seo Hyo Rim
“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” actress Seo Hyo Rim wore a sparkly gown, exuding luxury and elegance
Seo Hyo Rim
Seo Hyo Rim looked sexy next to actor Oh Ji Ho
kim ye won
Kim Ye Won showed off her sharp features in a beige dress. She is famous for her roles in Suspicious Partner, Rich Man, Sunny,…
shin so yul
A black dress with thin straps helps Shin So Yul boast her sexy collarbone 
kim bo ra
Kim Bora looked radiant even in simple makeup and styling
keum sae rok
Keum Sae Rok exuded grace in an all-white dress
daphne low
Malaysian actress Daphne Low looked attractive in a basic yet elegant dress
joo soo ha
Joo Soo Ha and Ha Da In were both dressed in white suits, giving off girlboss vibes
ha da in
han sang hyuk
Kwon Ah Reum wore a lovely cream dress and revealed her ideal figure. She stood next to VIXX’s Han Sang Hyuk.
kim jun hyung
Kim Jun Hyung and Go Yoo appeared together as co-stars
na ye rin
Na Ye Rin wore a sexy mini dress. Her accessories stood out. 
ahn seo hyun
Child actress Ahn Seo Hyun showed off her youthful charm by wearing boots
jung dong won
Child actor Jung Dong Won flaunted his impressive height at the age of 15
kim bo sung
Kim Bo Sung looked cool by wearing sunglasses 
jung tae woo
Jung Tae Woo stunned with his long hair and prince-like suit 

Source: K14

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