Wendy (Red Velvet) sent a sweet letter to fans after the plan for her solo debut was revealed

The female idol feels extremely happy when fans support her and promises to do her best to bring the best product to them.

Yesterday (March 10), SM Entertainment confirmed the plan of Red Velvet Wendy’s solo debut in April.  The female idol will begin her personal career with a quality album, the product is expected to be a great gift for fans this spring.

However, as soon as this information was released, there were mixed reactions.  Most people support the female idol enthusiastically because they think she deserves more after the accident.  In addition, Wendy is also one of the best vocalists of the 3rd generation

Wendy (Red Velvet) sent a sweet letter to fans after the plan for her solo debut was revealed

The rest said that this is an SM plan to take advantage of Wendy to make the public forget Irene’s scandal.  Since the scandal occurred, Irene repeatedly apologized to the audience, but many people still boycotted her

Immediately, Wendy quickly posted a sweet message to Reveluvs, this move is said to be used to calm fans as well as share Wendy’s true feelings:


 Have you read the news in the press?  This feeling is hard to describe now.  I know it’s not easy to support one person forever.  So, I sincerely thank you for waiting together. I got this chance thanks to Luvies, my family, the other members, and everyone at the company~

Since this is my first solo album, it is very important to me.  I’ll prepare hard and give everyone good songs. Thanks again for helping me reach this milestone ~ I’ll do my best. Besides, I also want to thank my beloved members. I am still lacking in performance without the members by my side, but I promise to do my best. From #Wendy ”

In the end, Wendy realized herself that she still has many shortcomings if she is doing solo activities.  However, the female idol promises to do her best as much as possible.

It is known that Wendy is famous for her sweet voice.  She is also considered one of the top vocalists in the idol world.  Before debuting as the main vocalist of Red Velvet, she made a good impression through a ballad titled because I Love You.  During the 7 years, the female idol diligently contributes her voice in SM STATION project songs as well as OSTs.

The stage accident at the end of 2019 has definitely affected her health and career.  This event caused the female idol to almost stop working for the next year to recover physically and mentally.  Therefore, the fact that SM let Wendy make a solo debut in early 2021 makes many fans extremely happy

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