Viewers reacted explosively to the kiss scene in “Behind Every Star”, which was filmed on the rooftop but feels like a bed scene

The passionate rooftop kiss scene in a recent drama drew keen attention.

The new episode of tvN’s “Behind Every Star”, which aired on November 15th, showed actress Kwak Sun Young and actor Noh Sang Hyun performing an exciting kiss scene.

Behind Every Star

Method Entertainment management team leader Chun Jae In (Kwak Sun Young) met Lee Sang Wook (Noh Sang Hyun), the head of the investigation team of the Seoul Revenue Agency, through a dating app. Lee Sang Wook, who visited Method Entertainment for a special tax investigation, coldly drew a line with Chun Jae In, who didn’t remember their chattings. However, Chun Jae In became interested in Lee Sang Wook, who doesn’t want to reach out to her. As their conversation continued with emotional lines, a heart-fluttering atmosphere was created. The two eventually shared a deep kiss on the rooftop after confirming their feelings for each other.

Chun Jae In pulled Lee Sang Wook’s necktie and kissed him first, then Lee Sang Wook hurriedly responded as if his emotion had exploded. At that moment, Chun Jae In took off Lee Sang Wook’s necktie, raising the tension of the kiss scene.

Behind Every Star

Reacting to this scene, many viewers pointed out the detail of the necktie. Online community netizens commented, “They kiss passionately even in the morning”, “Why did she take off his necktie outside?”, “She took off his necktie. What do you want to do?”, etc., showing their satisfaction with the directing. Some were curious about the director’s intention when directing this scene, saying “I don’t know much about kissing but why did she take off his tie?”, “Is there a bed on the rooftop?”, “They’re outside but the atmosphere makes me think of a bed scene”, etc.

Behind Every Star

Viewers on online streaming sites reacted to the necktie detail and the high-level scene, saying “Why is she taking off his necktie?”, “They made such a bold kiss scene since it’s a TV series”, etc.

In addition, many people were surprised when they realized that Kwak Sun Young was the actress who played Ik Soon, Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk)’s younger sister in tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” series, and Noh Sang Hyun appeared in Apple TV’s “Pachinko” as Isak.

Behind Every Star

tvN’s “Behind Every Star” tells about the work, love, and desires of celebrity managers at Method Entertainment who work with Korean top stars. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. 

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