Jang Young Ran mentions Park Bo Gum, “He chose me as his ideal type because he likes my bright energy”

Broadcaster Jang Young Ran revealed her phone conversation with actor Park Bo Gum in the past.

On July 21st, the Youtube channel “A Class Jang Young Ran” uploaded a new video. Jang Young Ran appeared with pigtails and said, “Isn’t this called ‘Mimi’s style’ these days? I think it suits me. Whenever I see Mimi, I think we give off a similar vibe.”

She added, “Mimi is really cute. Pigtails have been my trademark since a long time ago. I hope she can appear on my channel”.

jang young ran

Jang Young Ran, who is preparing fashion-related content, shared, “I want to meet Kim Na Young and hear her talk about fashion”, adding “I used to get along with Na Young before. Now that she has become a big celebrity, I’d like to invite her to my show once. Subscribers of ‘No Filter’, please help me push my invitation up.”

When asked about her thought on inviting handsome male guests, Jang Young Ran mentioned Park Bo Gum. She said, “Didn’t Park Bo Gum talk to me on the phone before? He said his ideal type is me”. Hearing that, the production staff reacted with amazement, and Jang Young Ran smiled proudly.

Later, Jang Young Ran explained, “I had a phone call with Park Bo Gum on ‘Groom’s Class’, and the most important point is that Park Bo Gum subscribes to ‘A Class Jang Young Ran’. But in the part that was not shown on the official broadcast, he picked Jang Young Ran as his ideal type. He chose me out of five people.”

She added, “Park Bo Gum knows all of my Youtube content. He said he likes my bright energy. Since many stars are also watching this program, I have to do it well”.

Source: Daum

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