Unprecedented Controversy: All Idols at MMA 2023 Accused of Lip-Syncing

Netizens engage in debates over the lip-sync controversy surrounding the 2023 Melon Music Awards

Even though the 2023 MMA has ended, the buzz from the awards night is still ongoing. 

After watching the performances, some netizens have been claimimg that all the idols at this year’s MMA were lip-symcing on stage. An online community post with the title “Not a single idol sang live at MMA” blew up. This controversy has shocked many since it’s the first time a major awards show is being side-eyed for allegedly letting all idols lipsync.

Netizens have been engaging in heated arguments over the lip-sync suspicions around the MMA 2023 performers. Many threw shade at the artists for not singing properly. 

But there are also fans defending SHINee, STAYC, aespa, and RIIZE, claiming these groups actually sang live. They’re praising these groups for delivering performances that not only look good but also sound good.


Netizens’ divided opinions: “They’re singers. If you’re a singer, you gotta sing live,” “All the idols at MMA were lipsyncing. How are they any different from the dancers around them?” “Let’s not mix up idols and singers. Idols aren’t meant to be seen as singers,” “I think SHINee, STAYC, aespa, RIIZE sang live though” “SHINee’s live was impressive.”

Source: K14

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