Tzuyu was treated unfairly, Na Yeon took the center position of Twice

Fans are angry that JYP is treating Tzuyu unfairly, not giving her a chance to show her talent.

Twice recently released a practice version of the song Cry for me, showing off the sexy choreography that is considered the most beautiful in the JYP girl group’s career.  However, fans of Tzuyu are not satisfied because the female idol has a little singing part, the position in the choreography is not outstanding.  In the two recent songs, Tzuyu didn’t have much screen time and singing part and this made fans angry.  They constantly trended the hashtag “Tzuyudeservesbetter” to complain about the company.

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In the song I Can’t Stop Me, Tzuyu only sang 11.7 seconds, ranking 8th in the group’s singing time. As for Cry for me, she only has 8.4 seconds.  Fans believe that Tzuyu is the most popular member, high popularity of the public, outstanding visuals, and always a factor that attracts Twice’s reputation but she is treated unfairly.  When the group releases a new MV, she is always the one with inappropriate makeup and hairstyle.

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In the latest teaser photo,  Tzuyu appeared with a middle-part hairstyle, an inappropriate make up style that affects her visuals, less beautiful than the other members.  On the red carpet of The Fact Music Awards, Tzuyu had to re-wear Jeong Yeon’s old clothes, only to be edited by cutting the skirt into a crop top.

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When Twice had just debuted, Tzuyu was visual, often took on outstanding scenes in the MV, but recently Na Yeon is the one who takes this role.  In the new promotional photo, Na Yeon stands in the center, occupying the spotlight while Tzuyu stands behind and her face is even hidden.  Fans are worried that JYP is ignoring Tzuyu, focusing on the other Twice members.

From the fan’s point of view, Tzuyu has good visual and dancing skills and always works hard on stage. She is also in charge of attracting media attention thanks to her visuals.

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JYP needs to change the way of promoting and investing more to help Tzuyu’s beauty shine.  In addition, Tzuyu also does not have personal activities such as photography for magazines, receiving advertising contracts, and participating in reality shows.  Fans think that JYP only knows how to make money and refused to develop their artists’ careers.

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