Jessica Reveals Krystal’s Reaction to Her New Album “BEEP BEEP”

The close bond between the “Jung Sisters”, Jessica and Krystal, has once again been proven

Having both debuted as idols and earned global love, “Jung Sisters” Jessica and Krystal have carved out their own musical identities. Throughout their entertainment careers, the two have relied on each other as family and colleagues, growing together as pillars of support. Even in Jessica’s recent release of a new mini-album after six years, Krystal’s advice played a significant role.

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Particularly, in an exclusive interview with MyDaily, Jessica mentioned Krystal’s reaction upon hearing her mini-album “BEEP BEEP”, saying, “I actually consulted her when choosing the title song”.

According to Jessica, whenever she feels uncertain about deciding on songs, Krystal’s opinions are crucial. Krystal’s straightforward responses provided clarity, as Jessica humorously described, “It was very helpful! For ‘BEEP BEEP,’ I played it for my sister, and she said, ‘This is it! What are you hesitating about?'”

Then, after the title song for “BEEP BEEP” was selected, Jessica also played several other nominated songs for Krystal, and some of them ended up not making it to the released album. 

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Despite being sisters, Jessica and Krystal are known for having different preferences in fashion and other aspects. Additionally, their unique styles extend to their music tastes, and this divergence in musical preferences has allowed them to offer each other practical advice and help in their professional endeavors.

Meanwhile, although she has been achieving notable successes in acting, Krystal does not miss out on “sisterly time” in daily life. In fact, fans were recently delighted by a recent video of Krystal doing the “BEEP BEEP” challenge with her sister Jessica.

Given the six-year gap since the previous release, Jessica emphasized the lengthy preparation process, involving songs prepared both in the United States and South Korea with collaboration from various individuals. Notably, Amber Liu, a former member of the girl group f(x) and a close friend of Krystal, contributed her exceptional rap skills to a track in Jessica’s album. In the interview, Jessica also expressed her admiration for Amber’s rap skills.

Source: Daum

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