Who is Lisa’s pick in Youth With You 3?

Not different from Lisa’s favorite for Liu Yuxin last season, this season, Lisa did not hesitate to show her interest in “pick”

After the great success of Youth With You 2, Lisa continues to be trusted by the producer to hold the position of choreography advisor for season 3 of the show.  She still maintains her influence from last season.  The main dancer of BLACKPINK continuously entered the top search, top trending in China after each broadcast episode

Besides Lisa’s fascinating performances, her reaction to the trainees also caught attention.  Although just on air, it seems that Lisa has her “pick” for a long time.  A male trainee has just appeared that made Lisa extremely interested.  Lisa also gave a lot of praise and encouragement to this trainee

Specifically, in the performance “Uranus” by trainee Tony, he had an impressive ending with a charismatic half-smile that made Lisa, despite being a coach, lost her seriousness.  Lisa even called this trainee’s name in this very interesting way.

Who is Lisa's pick in Youth With You 3
Who is Lisa's pick in Youth With You 3
Who is Lisa's pick in Youth With You 3

Besides, Lia also gave Tony many compliments: “Actually, I saw you on another show (Produce X 101). You must have worked hard so your skills have improved a lot. I am very happy to meet you and see how hard you work to complete performance like this. Really glad for you! “.

It turns out that she followed Tony from Produce X 101 2 years ago.  At that time, Tony was already a potential trainee.  The guy was ranked A by Korean coaches – the highest rating of the ability in that program.  In the end, he entered the final but was unlucky to have a chance to debut.

After 2 years, Tony not only continued to be ranked A in Youth With You 3 but also showed remarkable progress that Lisa herself recognized.  It seems that Tony will be an outstanding name on the upcoming race of Youth With You 3.

Sources: kenh14

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