Yeri got involved in the controversy “asking for gifts”. Is it worth criticizing or is it nitpicking?

Recently on Chinese online community Douban, Yeri has become the topic of discussion.

There was a post showed a compliation of Yeri’s action seemingly to ask her fans for gifts. She is believed to have shown her broken computer on livestream on purpose. Fans immediately after that raised a fund to get her a new computer. She also liked a post about news surrounding the fund.

A fansite posted a list of Yeri’s birthday gifts, she also liked the post. Many people said that she is greedy by just looking at her fans’ gifts. Recently, Red Velvet’s maknae also mentioned that she liked Wendy’s microphone and wanted to get one. Netizen assumes that she is trying to get fans to buy her.

Contrary to the criticism, fans claimed that Yeri is very close with her fandom so she likes to interact with fans and it is normal that she likes fans’ posts. She has never made any comments but was just showing gratitude towards her fans. Besides, her fans stated that they were not forced to do anything or to be their idol’s ATM but contributed voluntarily.

Yeri is one of the K-pop idols who faces the most controversies. She is usually criticized on online communities by her action or statements that sometimes might just be unintentional but “exaggerated” to different meanings.

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