TXT Talks About Their Visuals, “Most Handsome Member Is Soobin Now, Taehyun 2 Years Later”

Boy group TXT expressed confidence in their appearance

TXT guested on the October 13th broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”. The group just released their third full album “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL”.

That day, Park Myung-soo complimented the members, saying “TXT members are all visuals”, adding “Are you guys surprised when looking at each other?”.

In response, the members said, “We were surprised when we met each other for the first time but we are already used to it now. Back then, we thought ‘So these guys would become idols’.”

Park Myung-soo continued asking if any member thought another member was more handsome than him when they met for the first time. In response, Huening Kai said, “They were all handsome but not comparable to me. So I thought ‘I would be the visual in this group”, drawing laughter.

Soobin, who showed a subtle smile, also confessed, “I actually thought all of them were more handsome than me during our trainee days”, adding “As we’ve become older, I think I’m the most handsome member in the group right now”, drawing admiration from Park Myung-soo with his extraordinary confidence.

Yeonjun also agreed, saying “Their visuals were amazing, especially Soobin and Taehyun”. Yeonjun added that he met Taehyun for the first time when they were in middle school and he was very surprised by Taehyun’s big eyes.

Taehyun also recalled when he met TXT members for the first time, saying “When our team was completed, I thought, ‘Ah we would be successful if we got a good song’. I think Soobin is in his heyday now. Then, it’ll be my turn in the next two years”.

Hearing that, Park Myung-soo commented, “Oh, you’ll be the next visual member. Let’s wait and see. The five members are all handsome enough to debut anywhere.”

Source: Daum

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