TXT amazed Korean netizens with their recent achievements in the global market

TXT had a very successful year and made netizens constantly admiring what they did.

As the year 2021 has gradually ended, it is also the time when netizens have the opportunity to review the development stage of each Kpop group.  For the international market, Billboard’s year-end chart results are considered reputable data to measure the success of idols.  And if the popularity of BTS and BLACKPINK is undisputed, netizens are also interested in whether anyone besides them can conquer the global market.  And surprisingly, the name mentioned is not NCT but TXT.

Billboard year-end chart TXT

Specifically, recently on the Pann forum, a Knet posted an article with the title: ‘I am very proud of BTS, BLACKPINK and TXT’.  In the post, the World Album Artists chart of Billboard Year-End Charts was captured.  On this chart, the TOP 3 are BTS at No.1, BLACKPINK at No.2 and TXT at No.3 respectively.

The OP exclaims: ‘I’m really proud of this.  First of all, BTS and BLACKPINK didn’t even release any albums this year, the albums that helped them top the charts were from last year.  It’s really crazy!’

Billboard year-end chart TXT

However, compared to BTS and BLACKPINK, the development of TXT surprised the post owner even more: “TXT is also excellent.  I have to say I’m very proud to see these three K-pop groups top the Billboard annual chart.’  It is known that TXT has made great progress in the international market in 2021 with the album ”The Chaos Chapter: Freeze – TXT’ (title song: 0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You)).

Many netizens expressed their amazement and admiration for TXT.  Knetizens pointed out that TXT has made a bigger surprise, not only on the aforementioned World Album Artists chart.

Billboard year-end chart TXT

Specifically, one of Billboard’s most famous charts is the Billboard 200 (US market), and on the Billboard 200 Albums Year-end Chart, there are only 3 Kpop groups named BTS, BLACKPINK and TXT.  Specifically, the rankings are as follows: 

  • 40th. BE – BTS
  • 113rd. Map Of The Soul: 7 – BTS
  • 197th. The Chaos Chapter: Freeze – TXT
  • 200th. The Album – BLACKPINK

Many Knets were surprised when they thought that NCT’s subunits were the ones with the better-selling albums, but NCT’s albums can’t enter the Billboard’s 200 Albums Year-end Chart.  As for the World Album Artists chart (excluding American artists), NCT ranked No.5, still surpassed by TXT at No.3.

TXT has quietly become a prominent name in the international market, considering that this is only the 2nd year of the group’s career.  Thereby, some Knetizens think that it seems that Big Hit is still doing very well with the 4th generation groups, although earlier, many people were worried that TXT would be a ‘flop’ as they were under the shadow of BTS.

Billboard year-end chart TXT
‘The Chaos Chapter: Freeze – TXT’ is the only K-pop album released in 2021 to enter Billboard’s 200 Albums Year-end 2021 chart.

The music color and concept of TXT are not only different from their seniors but also from the rest of the new generation groups.  Therefore, their songs are also highly appreciated and regularly enter the best Kpop song charts of 2021 selected by music critics.  In 2021, the group’s 3 songs that received the most compliments from critics are ‘ 0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You)’, ‘LO$ER=LO♡ER’ and ‘Anti-Romantic’  .

Some comments by Knetizens about the achievements of BTS, BLACKPINK, and TXT on Billboard’s year-end charts:

  • BTS and BLACKPINK are legends because their album was released last year, and TXT is legendary because they appeared on Billboard’s year-end chart in the 3rd year of group activities
  • It’s really amazing that TXT has gained such achievements with their own efforts ㅜ It’s their 3rd year now and I really look forward to how they will grow even more in the future.
  • I’m really proud of TXT!
  • This seems to be the Big Hit tradition ㅋㅋㅋ I heard that BTS also won No.1 on music shows after 2, 3 years, but they’re legends now.  It’s nice to see that TXT is also stepping up like that.
  • Not only internationally, BTS, BLACKPINK and TXT are also doing very well domestically.
  • I was surprised that it wasn’t NCT but TXT.
  • Take a look at these Billboard year-end charts that TXT has featured in! 
Billboard year-end chart TXT
  • Compared to the World Album Artists chart, the Billboard 200 is even better!  BTS and BLACKPINK entered with old albums, and TXT, who have only been active for more than 2 years, also made it to the top.  They are the only 3 Kpop names to enter the Billboard 200.
  • At this point, I’m really curious about that boy group.  I heard they sold over 2 million copies, so where did those albums go?  (*referring to NCT).
  • No wonder.  The difference between their Gaon and Hanteo numbers is by a million copies, they do everything to increase sales but their achievements are already reflected on the chart.
  • Congratulations to BTS, BLACKPINK and TXT.  They are all the pride of Kpop!
  • Bang PD is amazing hahaha!
  • Bang Shihyuk trained his kids very well.
Congratulations to BTS, BLACKPINK, and TXT for their remarkable achievements on Billboard’s year-end charts
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