From “Doona!” to “Castaway Diva”: Time to find healing with winter dramas

As winter approaches, viewers are increasingly seeking heartwarming dramas, especially those with themes of “healing” and “romance”

Let’s take a look at some of the dramas that will warm up your cold winter.


Netflix’s original series “Doona!”, based on the Naver webtoon of the same name, was released on Oct 20th. It depicts the story of ordinary college student Lee Won-jun (Yang Se-jong) meeting Lee Doona (Suzy), who retired after leaving behind the glamorous K-pop idol days, and becoming housemates.

While the original webtoon had a more realistic ending with the characters going their separate ways and parting after their relationship, the drama version concluded with an open ending where the two characters reunite.

Despite some criticism that the series deviated from the original story to accommodate its episode structure and, in the process, compromised the depth of the supporting characters, it received acclaim thanks to the excellent chemistry between the lead actors. Suzy’s portrayal of first love was so convincing that it even brought to mind the film “Architecture 101”.

“Doona!” quickly gained popularity, reaching the 7th place on Netflix’s Global TV Shows (Non-English) just three days after its release.

Daily Dose of Sunshine

Netflix’s original series “Daily Dose of Sunshine” was released on Nov 3rd. Based on the Naver webtoon of the same name, the series centers on Da-eun (Park Bo-young), a skilled nurse in the Department of Psychiatry at Myungshin University Hospital, and her interactions with the patients under her care.

Daily Dose of Sunshine

The production team behind the series is quite impressive, with director Lee Jae-kyoo, known for the film “Intimate Strangers” and the Netflix series “All of Us Are Dead”, and writer Lee Nam-gyu, famous for dramas “The Light in Your Eyes” and “Behind Your Touch”.

Notably, Park Bo-young gains attention as she once again played the role of a nurse following her previous film “Concrete Utopia”.

Castaway Diva

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Castaway Diva” premiered on Oct 28th. It revolves around Seo Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin), a girl who dreams of becoming a diva. She wins a UCC competition and goes to Seoul to take an audition, but gets stranded on an uninhabited island due to an unfortunate accident and returns to the world after 15 years. What sets this series apart is that it does not just focus on Seo Mok-ha’s growth but also depicts the comeback of Yoon Ran-joo (Kim Hyo-jin), who was once a star but now competes with young juniors for the spotlight.

The strong performances of lead actors Kim Hyo-jin and Park Eun-bin have contributed to the success of “Castaway Diva”.

According to the rating research company Nielsen Korea, “Castaway Diva” achieved a viewership rating of 5.6% for its third episode and 8% for its fourth episode based on nationwide paid households. Expectations are high for Kim Hyo-jin and Park Eun-bin’s future performances in the series.

“Castaway Diva” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:20 PM.

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