“Off-shoulder at work, luxury clothing despite poverty” Drama female leads’ outfits fail to reflect reality

There has been a reaction that the costumes worn by actress Park Min-young in the drama “Marry My Husband” are excessive.

In the 3rd episode aired on Jan 8th, Park Min-young appeared wearing a halter-neck white long dress reminiscent of an awards ceremony at a class reunion held in a meat place. Furthermore, in the 6th episode aired on Jan 16th, she surprised viewers by wearing an off-shoulder blouse that boldly revealed one shoulder while going to work at the company.

park min young marry my husband

While it was intended to portray a more beautiful appearance than before the regression, there are opinions that it is somewhat excessive. Even considering that it is a drama, netizens are expressing their displeasure.

Similar controversies arose in the past, such as in the 2013 drama “Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love”. Kim Tae-hee (as Jang Ok-jung) wore flower shoes that closely resembled high heels while running.

Jang Ok-jeong Living in Love

When fusion fashion mixing hanbok with high heels appeared in a historical drama set in the Joseon era, viewers pointed out that it did not fit the context. At the time, the production team explained, “Please consider that it’s a fusion historical drama. We expressed fashion in a modern way. We didn’t distort history, so we hope you understand the nature of the drama.

A Thousand Days' Promise

In 2011, the drama “A Thousand Days’ Promise” also faced controversy. At that time, Soo Ae (as Lee Seo-yeon) wore luxury clothing that did not match the situation, leading to public criticism.

Amid the controversy, the production team of “A Thousand Days’ Promise” stated, “Please view ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise’ as a drama. We don’t think that the luxury clothes worn by Soo Ae detract from viewers’ immersion level.”

Source: Daum

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