TWICE Dahyun continues as A’pieu’s longest-running model under Able C&C

Cosmetic brand A’pieu announced that TWICE Dahyun will continue as their ambassador for the 3rd consecutive year. 

On April 18th, A’pieu of Able C&C announced that they have selected TWICE Dahyun as the brand ambassador for the third consecutive year.


As a result, Dahyun has become the longest-running A’pieu model, receiving the highest praise for her compatibility with the brand.

Dahyun was first selected as the brand ambassador for A’pieu in March 2021. According to A’pieu, they have continued their model contract because Dahyun’s pure and sophisticated image is the best match for the brand’s image, which has been evolving into a more mature style for the 2024 generation. 

Last year, A’pieu unveiled its new slogan “Stay Pure.”, reflecting the brand’s philosophy of pursuing sophisticated and transparent beauty, and has been strengthening its identity.

Dahyun’s influence, not only on the domestic market but also on the global market was taken into account. In particular, TWICE’s high popularity among the younger generation in Japan has been a powerful driving force for A’pieu to establish its presence and grow in the Japanese market.

Last year, A’pieu’s sales in the Japanese market increased more than fourfold compared to the previous year, recording explosive growth. It is said that they have fully enjoyed the synergy with Dahyun, who has a bright energy and a strong fandom.


As A’pieu announced their full-fledged activities targeting the MZ generation, new beauty photos with Dahyun were also released.

In the newly-published photos, Dahyun showcased a clear and bright spring makeup with the best-selling “A’pieu Juicy-Pang Water Blusher” and the “A’pieu Juicy-Pang Skincare Primer”, which received a hot response in the Japanese market, as well as the “A’pieu Skincare Waterlock Cushion”.

To celebrate the renewal of their contract with Dahyun, A’pieu will hold a special promotion for the Juicy-Pang line, including new products, from the 19th to the end of April.

Jo Ye Seo, head of marketing at Able C&C, said, “Over the past two years, A’pieu has been able to receive more love from customers by conveying a more mature brand image with Dahyun”, adding, “We look forward to A’pieu’s future growth in sync with both the Korean and Japanese MZ generation.”

Source: Insight 

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