BLACKPINK’s Lisa Condemned in China After Contract Renewal, Compared to Strippers

The news of Lisa renewing her contract with YG and continuing to be a member of BLACKPINK received harsh criticisms from Chinese netizens

The news that BLACKPINK has renewed their contract with YG basically exploded on global social media on the morning of December 5. In China, this news received special attention. However, the reaction of Chinese netizens to Lisa’s case was not very positive, and on entertainment forums, many sarcastic and mocking comments about Lisa appeared.

blackpink lisa

Below are some comments regarding Lisa on China’s most popular SNS platform Weibo, as compiled by QQ:

  • I thought Lisa would leave BLACKPINK to become a stripper in Europe-
  • Why doesn’t she just leave, with that image, she still wants to be an idol. Lisa should separate completely to focus on performing at Crazy Horse
  • Congratulations to Lisa, now, besides BLACKPINK activities, you can dance at Crazy Horse without fear of being banned
  • Even participating in BLACKPINK activities doesn’t take much time for Lisa. It’s great that she can finally focus on developing her solo career at Crazy Horse

After the show at Crazy Horse, Lisa was shunned in the Chinese entertainment market. 

lisa blackpink

In particular, her Weibo account with over 8 million followers was deleted, indicating that Lisa was shadow-banned in the Chinese market. Moreover, brands with Lisa as model also removed videos and images related to the singer, and while Lisa fans still persist, some of her Chinese fan bases have ceased activities.

The Crazy Horse performance made Lisa “lose” the Chinese market.

Source: QQ, Weibo, K14

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