Lee Mi Joo to release a solo album after 9 years since debut with Lovelyz

Former Lovelyz member Lee Mi Joo has confirmed her solo debut after 9 years since her group debut and will continue to actively pursue various activities.

According to Sports Seoul on April 19th, Lee Mi Joo will release her first solo album on May 17th. It is known that she is currently in the final stages of album preparation.


This is going to be Lee Mi Joo’s first solo debut as a singer in 9 years, and her first album release since moving to Antenna from Woollim Entertainment, making it particularly meaningful.

Lee Mi Joo debuted as a member of Lovelyz in 2014 and has been loved not only as a singer but also as a variety show host and MC. Lee Mi Joo has been actively appearing in various fields, including numerous entertainment programs such as MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo”, tvN’s “Six Sense”, and JTBC’s “New Festa”. She also hosted the 32nd Seoul Music Awards held in January this year. Recently, she was appointed as a new MC for MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol”.


In addition, Lee Mi Joo’s singing ability was re-examined through “Hangout with Yoo”. Her singing skills did not get a lot of attention during Lovelyz days since she was a visual member and main dancer. However, her vocal skills became a hot topic after she sang Free Style’s “Y” on “Hangout with Yoo”.

Recently, she formed the group JuJu Secret with actress Park Jin Joo and released the city-pop genre dance song “Lonely Night”. As fans who loved Lee Mi Joo’s tone are consistently waiting for her solo album to be released, it is expected that her comeback will be well-received.

Attention is focused on whether Lee Mi Joo will prove her capabilities as a “solo artist” following being a girl group member, entertainer and MC.

Source: Daum

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