Top 10 biggest fanclubs of KPOP artists in China 2018

Just like Melon and M! Countdown of Korea, QQ Music is one of the names among the top music charts in the Chinese music market. The popularity of such groups as BTS, EXO, WANNA ONE, TWICE, Red Velvet or BLACKPINK is undeniable. But will these names top the charts in China this March, 2018?
Let’s check it out!
10. Hyuna (1,392,000)
Surprisingly, No. 10 is not an emerging group, but Hyuna – a solo artist. She has a sexy and innocent beauty that has attracted many fans in China
9. EXO LAY (1,449,000)
It’s not hard to guess that the name EXO LAY will appear in this chart. Over the past 1 year, LAY often has a lot of personal activities in China. Therefore, the number of fans in this the mainland also increased dizzily. Now, LAY is one of the most influential artists in China
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8. BTS (1,478,000)
Although being so successful in Korea, and especially in the US, it seems that the name BTS is not really a hightlight in China. However, with their talents and quality of their music, surely next time we can see the group in the higher position in this ranking.
7. IU (1,567,000)
With a great voice and unique, catching songs, being at 7th place is easy to understand for IU. The number of her fans in China is constantly increasing. We totally can expect her to be in a higher position in the future.
6. EXO-M (1,854,000)
Although half of EXO-M members (3/6) have left the group, their influence in China has remained unchanged. As of March 2018, the number of fans of the group still ranked No. 5 on this QQ Music chart
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5. T-ARA (2,316,000)
T-ara are really popular in China, where they have the largest fanclub of any Korean girl group in the country. Many of the Chinese industry reps expressed that the high popularity of T-ara was due to their songs. In addition, their unique music style and their catchy tunes are also key in obtaining the love of the local fans. Due to their unique concepts, their stage performances are diverse in style and hence, they became the 1st to be considered for invitations for many of the activities in China.
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4. SNSD (2,664,000)
Girl’s Generation now only has five members left: Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona. Jessica departed from Girl’s Generation in 2014, and three more members: Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun decided not to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment in 2017. However, their group popularity is still admirable. The musical style of the group is characterized as electropop and bubblegum pop, though their sound incorporates different genres including hip-hop, RNB, and EDM. With their immense popularity, Girl’s Generation are considered as one of the most sought-out advertisers in South Korea as well as in China.
3. EXO (4,685,000)
EXO is a Chinese-South Korean boy group formed by S.M. Entertainment. This group originally has 12 members, which are divided into two, namely the EXO-K and EXO-M. These groups perform Korean and Mandarin, respectively. Although 3/4 Chinese members of this group have left but the popularity of EXO in China still amazing. Each of their albums sold over one million copies. And a large of the numbers are bought by Chinese fan. EXO also held many big concerts here and was invited to many big events.
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2. G-Dragon (6,737,000)
South Korean superstar G-Dragon’s influence in China is no joke. There is a chart showing how much fans spent on specific celebrity-related items on Taobao (one of China’s largest online shopping malls) was released. Taobao purchases are a big indicator of a celebrity’s popularity in China. G-Dragon came in fourth place as fans purchased tons of his merchandise and clothing items. They purchased a total of at least 247 million yuan ($37.9 million USD) worth. Chinese stars naturally took the rest of the tops spots, making G-Dragon the only foreigner in the rankings! This proves that the popularity of G-Dragon in China is really “scary”.
G Dragon
1. Big Bang (11,653,000)
BIGBANG is the biggest K-pop boy band across the Pacific, not only in Korea or China. BIGBANG — unofficially called the “king of KPOP” — are old pros in the increasingly youthful KPOP industry, still beating out newbie boybands and girl groups every year in both awards and album sales.They deserve the 1st place in this chart
Big Bang

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