A 2022 K-drama that fails miserably with ratings under 1%

Despite having a decent quality, this 2022 K-drama only recorded around 1% in viewership. 

Adapted from a webtoon of the same name, “A Superior Day” is a thrilling series currently airing on cable network OCN. The drama revolves around firefighter Lee Ho Chul, an ideal husband and father who suddenly got dragged into a serial murder case. One day, he suddenly received a text that said: “I will let you know who the serial murderer is”, before the same number ordered him to kill someone in 24 hours, or else his daughter would be gone. As the audience, we get to follow Ho Chul and his journey to find this murderer and protect his family. 

A Superior Day

Airing on OCN, a network that specializes in dark and violent series, “A Superior Day” is no exception. However, despite having decent writing, the drama is by no means a successful one. It premiered to a rating of 1.045% in episode 1, rose slightly to 1.178% in episode 2, before dropping to 0.8-0.9% for the rest of the ride. At the moment, 6 out of 8 episodes have aired, yet there is no prospect for better viewership in the future.  

A Superior Day
A Superior Day
Viewership ratings for the first 6 episodes of “A Superior Day”
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