“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actor Joo Jong-hyuk, “I’ve known Son Seok-gu since I was a part-timer. It was very nice to meet him in ‘D.P’”

Actor Joo Jong-hyuk talked about his friendship with Son Seok-gu.

ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which ended on August 18th, depicts the story of Woo Young-woo, who has both a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder, growing into a true attorney. In the drama, Joo Jong-hyuk plays Kwon Min-woo, a new attorney at Hanbada law firm and a rival of Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin).

Joo Jong-hyuk revealed that he was cast as Kwon Min-woo through an audition. Recalling that time, he said, “I auditioned for the role of Kwon Min-woo and characters in an episode. Kwon Min-woo had only one scene. I thought this character would dress neatly, so I went to the audition with my hair up and in a neat suit. The director and writer later gave me the feedback that I was exactly Kwon Min-woo myself.”

Regarding his synchronization rate with the character, Joo Jong-hyuk emphasized that it was 20 percent. The actor shared, “Kwon Min-woo’s appearance at home is somewhat similar to mine. I also have a roommate, and I also show great respect and consideration for him. Kwon Min-woo works hard at work. I’m also living a hard-working life”, adding “If I were Kwon Min-woo, I would keep attorney Woo Young-woo by my side and find a way to form a win-win relationship with her.”

Thanks to the success of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Joo Jong-hyuk’s previous works are also being re-examined. From “D.P.”, to “Yumi’s Cells” and “Happiness”, his performances are drawing keen attention again. Expressing his appreciation for the viewers’ interest, Joo Jong-hyuk said, “I feel like I’m paying back a little bit to the directors who picked me for those works. Also, even when people say ‘Is he this person?’ although they don’t recognize me, I feel it’s like a nice compliment,”

Joo Jong-hyuk appeared shortly as Private Lee Hyo-sang in “D.P.”, who was harshly criticized by Captain Im Ji-sup (Son Seok-gu) for not checking his ID card and identity while on guard. 

Revealing that he had known Son Seok-gu since he was still working part-time at a cafe, Joo Jong-hyuk said, “We’re not very close to each other, but he’s an acquaintance of a brother whom I’m close to so he came to the cafe where I used to work part-time several times. Meeting each other for the filming of ‘D.P.’, I hesitated to greet him because I thought I would make him feel pressured if I said hello first, but he came and greeted me first. I’ve liked him so much since he appeared in ‘Be Melodramatic’. I worship him”, showing his affection for Son Seok-gu.

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