From NewJeans to Lee Junho, Celebrities’ Warm Support For College Entrance Exam 

Many celebrities have conveyed warm messages of support for students who will participate in the 2024 CSAT

As of November 16th, warm messages of support have been sent to test-takers of the 2024 CSAT by various celebrities.

In particular, through their official YouTube channel, NewJeans said, “Our Bunnies (fandom name) who have worked hard all year, you’ve really done your best. We hope you achieve the results you desire.”


They also extended support to test-takers, promising to send telepathic sandwiches to give energy to all Bunnies and emphasized wearing warm clothes, bringing exam tickets, and IDs.

Artists from Pledis Entertainment, including Bumzu, Baekho, Hwang Minhyun, SEVENTEEN, and fromis_9, also sent messages of encouragement to the students.

In particular, Hwang Minhyun said, “To all the students nationwide and our Hwangdo (fandom) who have worked hard every day to bear beautiful fruits, you’ve worked really hard.”

He also encouraged students to take the exam without worry, hoping they finish it comfortably and adding, “I will support you to finish the exam in the best condition and come out (from the exam hall) with a bright smile.”


Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN spread their powerful energy by singing BSS’s “Fighting” before  conveying, “To all the hardworking students, you’ve worked really hard. It might be nerve-wracking and tense, but we hope you get good results that match your hard work. We wish you a successful CSAT!” 

Furthermore, fromis_9 stated, “I hope you don’t lose confidence and take the exam with as much ease as possible”, adding, “Even for Flovers (fandom name) who are not taking the exam, if you have friends, family, or acquaintances who are, passing on warm words of support and encouragement will be a great strength.”

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) also sent a message, saying, “To all the students who worked hard for the college entrance exam, you’ve worked hard. Regardless of the results, TXT is cheering for you.”

They then encouraged students to believe in themselves and hoped they would achieve the desired results after studying hard, before concluding with a spirited cheer, “Fighting to all the test takers!”

Through their YouTube channel, BOYNEXTDOOR stated on November 15, “You’ve overcome the tough process until now. We believe that there will be good results for the effort you’ve put in.”


In addition, they used the lyrics of the title track “But Sometimes” from their first mini-album, stating, “We will blow fighting spirit to all the students so that they can take the exam without regrets and enjoy movies and dramas that they have delayed watching so far. Fighting!”

Finally, Lee Junho also conveyed a message of support for the students through his Instagram, saying, “Let’s be strong for the CSAT.”

lee junho

The warm support from various celebrities aims to encourage and uplift the spirits of students taking the college entrance exam.

Source: Daum

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