“It’s a name that exists in real life…” The number of Korean people with the same unique name as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” character Dong Geurami 

Having “Dong Geurami” as a real name may seem uncommon, but this name doesn’t just exist in the drama. 

Korean netizens have recently been curious about the number of people whose real names are Woo Young Woo and Dong Geurami, the characters from the popular ongoing drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Statistics related to this have surfaced on an online community and drawn much attention. 

extraordinary attorney woo

Accordingly, 28,526 people are named Young Woo and 36 people have the exact same full name as Woo Young Woo. There are 37 people who are named Geurami, and 23 people with Dong Geurami as their full name. 

Korean netizens commented, “So there are actually people whose name is Dong Geurami” and “Someone I know is also named Geurami”.

extraordinary attorney woo

In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Dong Geurami played by actress Joo Hyun Young is Woo Young Woo’s best friend who treats her warmly regardless of her disability. Writer Moon Ji Won said, “Dong Geurami is Young Woo’s best friend. She can be even stranger than Young Woo, so I wanted to give her a unique name that would be unforgettable once you heard it.” 

Source: wikitree

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