Idol couple announce marriage plan right after disclosing their 4-year relationship

MBLAQ Thunder and former Gugudan Mimi are reportedly preparing for their marriage following the sudden romance confession.

On July 14th, iMBC reported that Thunder and Mimi have made a promise to marry each other. According to the media, the two are preparing for their marriage with the goal of holding their wedding in the second half of this year.

Earlier, Thunder and Mimi drew attention when they appeared in the new episode teaser of KBS2’s program “Second House 2”.

MBLAQ Thunder Gugudan Mimi

In the teaser, they publicized their 4-year romantic relationship and asked Choi Soo Jong & Ha Hee Ra couple questions, such as “How did you feel when you dated secretly?”, “How about when you publicized the relationship?”, etc. 

After the broadcast, the two posted handwritten letters on their own Instagram account, confessing their romance and affection for each other.

thunder mimi dating

Introducing Thunder, Mimi said, “I have someone I want to spend my whole life with”, adding “He’s the person who has always protected me during the time we’ve spent together. He gave me strength even in my hard times, and led me to grow and move forward.”

Thunder said, “I took courage and made a decision for the sake of the person I want to be with for the rest of my life”, leaving a message suggesting their marriage. He continued, “For Mimi, who has calmly supported the lacking me who always feels anxious, warmly understood me, and kept me standing strong, I will be more responsible to let you live a happy life.”

In response to the couple’s decision to reveal their marriage plan right after disclosing their romantic relationship, fans commented, “They even appear on the TV together and publicize their relationship. Seems like they’re getting married for real”, “The two look good together”, etc.

Meanwhile, Thunder debuted in 2009 as a member of MBLAQ. After leaving the group, he also worked as an actor. Mimi made her debut with Gugudan in 2016 and has been carrying out acting activities since the group disbanded.

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