Hanteo Music Awards Was A Mess: An Audience Pooped In Her Pants?

Various unpleasant incidents happened at the recent Hanteo Music Awards, causing confusion during the event

The 31st Hanteo Music Awards, which took place on the evening of February 18th, became a hot topic due to various unexpected issues during the event.

Notably, a fan reportedly pooped in their pants in the middle of the event. Everyone, including the audience and the artists, was completely shocked to see the unexpected issue. It is said that the poops were scattered on the clothes, shoes, and belongings of many fans around. Due to the bad smell, even the idols could not stand it and had to cover their noses.


After the event, the fan who pooped in their pants released an apology on their X account, saying “Hello, I’m the person who pooped at the Hanteo Music Awards. After reading posts on Twitter, I realized that many people felt uncomfortable because of me. I’m so sorry for causing inconvenience and I will reflect on my mistake and the issue that happened earlier today. Once again, I’m sorry, and have a good day”.

At the end of the letter, they noted, “People whose clothes and belongings were tainted by my poops, please DM me. I’ll pay for the laundry fees”.


Many fans tried to comfort the fan that it was just an unexpected accident. In the meantime, someone found out that this account posted the caption “Poop” three days before the Hanteo Music Awards. It is unknown whether the fan made this post with intentions or not, some people are speculating that this might be a planned joke.

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