Han Ji Min donates 50 million won to welfare facilities for the disabled 

Han Ji Min warms netizens’ hearts with her good deeds. 

According to BH Entertainment on August 10th, Han Ji Min has donated 50 million won to the Seoul Social Welfare Joint Fundraiser Association. The donation will be delivered to welfare facilities for people with severe disabilities. 

Through her agency, Han Ji Min said, “I got to know a welfare facility for the severely disabled through the news, and heard that they suffered from flood damage a few days ago, so I decided to make a donation.”

Shin Hye Young, secretary general of the Seoul Social Welfare Joint Fundraiser Association, said, “We would like to thank Han Ji Min, who conveys her warm heart through steady volunteer activities and donations. Precious donations will be a great help to welfare facilities for the severely disabled.”

In response to the news of Han Ji Min’s donation, netizens showed positive reactions such as “As expected of Han Ji Min”, “She is an actor whom you cannot help but love”, “This makes me think of ‘Our Blues'”, and “Thank you Han Ji Min for being a good influence”.

In tvN’s drama ‘Our Blues‘ aired earlier this year, Han Ji Min played Yeong Ok, a Jeju diver with twin sister Yeong Hee (Jung Eun Hye), who has Down syndrome. 

Source: wikitree

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