Thought Rosé revealed the melody of the title song in the first teaser, fans were surprised to find that it was just a B-side song.

YG let Rosé show off her voice in a dream-like teaser video, but it turns out this is just her b-side track.

On January 26, the BLACKPINK fandom was excited when YG suddenly released a teaser video introducing Rosé‘s solo debut.  The video is as beautiful as a movie, the female idol also shows off her voice through two very sweet English lyrics that many people think that the melody is of the title track, and that is the teaser for her upcoming MV. 

However, YG’s latest announcement made fans shocked when they said this was not the title song.  The company said, “The music in the newly released teaser is Rosé’s B- side track”.

However, the image part of the teaser video belongs to the official MV.  YG’s announcement surprised fans because they just thought the main vocal of BLACKPINK would release 2 MVs.

Fan comments:

 – I thought there would be 2 MVs

 – It’s not 2 MVs, everyone, probably only 1 MV but there will be many songs in the album.  This teaser is cut from the main song’s music video, but the melody is from the b-side song.  That’s what YG meant.

 – The music of this song sounds good to my taste, but it’s a b- side song.  Looking forward to the title track too.  YG music is still amazing. 

Although the teaser video has been released, up to now, YG has not revealed the name of Rosé’s album, debut song, and release date.  Fans will enjoy the female idol’s solo song for the first time in BLACKPINK’s online concert The Show, which takes place on January 31.  However, it is unclear if she will perform the title song or a b-side track. !

Sources: k14

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