Lovelyz Jin sues malicious comments after apology over revealing idol dating life

Jin, a former member of girl group Lovelyz, has declared a war against malicious commenters, right after her apology.

On February 6th, former Lovelyz Jin announced on her YouTube channel that she would file a complaint against malicious commenters.

Lovelyz Jin

In particular, Jin announced, “We plan to file a lawsuit against insulting and malicious posts and comments on the Internet, as well as DMs on Instagram, and we are currently collecting data with our lawyer.”

She also asked for help, saying, “If you would like to report actions like this, please attach the data via e-mail and send it”, adding that “there will be no leniency”.

Lovelyz Jin

Meanwhile, on February 4th, Jin was criticized after talking about the topic of dating as an idol, but the video has since been deleted.

In particular, Jin held a Q&A session, where she answered questions from subscribers through her YouTube channel. In the video, Jin said that idols would date no matter how busy they are, and companies wouldn’t stop them after some years. She also revealed that since the idol world is small, they would introduce their friends to each other to date.

Lovelyz Jin

After the aforementioned video about idol dating was released, some netizens expressed discomfort with Jin’s generalization of idol dating. In response, Jin apologized for causing misunderstandings and controversies, and deleted the video. 

Source: wikitree

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