This popular and sexy “19-rated musical” for women is directed by a female idol

“Wild Wild <Dream>”, a musical performance which is limited for women aged 19 and above, is gaining huge attention. 

Since last September, the musical “Wild Wild <Dream>” has been performed at Myeongbo Art Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul. The show boasts various male actors with both body and visuals, who provide various performances such as Nanta (a Korean non-verbal show) and sexy dance. 

wild wild

In addition, there are also scenes where the actors touch the audience in close contact, easily drawing eyes. Female audiences can also have a special experience by spinning around in the air while sitting on top of the lower body of a male actor.

They are also given the opportunity to have light skinship with male actors while blindfolded on stage. 

wild wild

In the video posted on the official Instagram account of “Wild Wild <Dream>”, a male actor even showed off a body wave that emphasized his abs while holding the shoulder of a female audience.

According to reviews posted on various blogs and social media, the majority of female audiences left the show feeling highly satisfied. They also left comments such as, “The actor has such an excellent body that I wonder if it was possible to have muscles even in those places” and “It was nice to have the actors come down to the audience seats in the middle of the performance and enjoy it together”.

wild wild

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Narsha was the director behind season 1 of “Wild Wild”, which ended in April. 

Regarding the project, Narsha said, “In the US, these performances were not a symbol of entertainment, but a culture that women enjoyed comfortably and pleasantly. As a singer and as a public figure, I want to develop this culture.”

wild wild

She also added, “By starting this show, I hope that the public can freely access these performances, which are popular overseas, in Korea as well. Let’s approach them simply as a pleasant activity or a culture.” 

Source: Insight 

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