This actress born in 1991 almost lost her voice due to cancer

Park So Dam recently return to acting activities after successfully fighting against cancer.

Actress Park So Dam was diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer in 2021 and had to go through surgery. After taking a hiatus for recovery, she recently drew attention with her comeback.

Park So Dam

In a media interview ahead of the release of her new movie “Phantom”, Park So Dam said, “I didn’t know I was sick while filming ‘Phantom’. I was mentally and emotionally tired so I thought the burnout period must have come.” She also expressed her gratitude to senior actors and directors who helped her finish the shoot safely.

Park So-dam

The actress continued, “Others told me, ‘You must have suffered a hard time for a long time’, ‘Your throat must have hurt a lot but why didn’t you know about it?’, etc. The cancer part was very close to the nerves connected with my voice. ‘If I did the surgery late, I would lose my voice’. That’s why I hurriedly underwent surgery and ended up not being able to participate in the promotion for ‘Special Delivery’. I felt so sorry and heartbroken.”


When asked about her current health condition, Park So Dam said, “The surgery went well and I don’t need to receive anticancer treatments. I’m carefully telling you about my condition because I’ve been completely cured. I’ve gradually recovered and regained my physical strength”, adding “It took me a while to find my voice back. I’m grateful that I can promote this movie, greet and speak to you all with my own voice.”

Park So Dam is known to have undergone surgery after being diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer in a medical checkup at the time she was filming “Phantom”. The actress reportedly returned to the filming set after recovering last year and finished her parts. She attended the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards in May and received enthusiastic support from fans.

Source: Daum

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