Korean media reports exclusive news on BTS’s official comeback: The whole world is waiting for the next hit after ‘Dynamite’

News1 has revealed the official comeback date of BTS!

Today (April 16), News1 excited Kpop fans by posting an exclusive article titled: ‘The whole world waits’ – BTS will make a comeback with a digital single on May 21′.  This is the first time there has been a media article announcing the group’s comeback date concretely and firmly like that. 

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According to exclusive sources of News1, BTS will officially announce a new digital single (digital single) on May 21, 2021, and this will be a song targeting the global market.  News1 also revealed that the members are in the process of preparing for the final stage before releasing this single next month.

Again, for this article, Big Hit Music still retains the original unclear response: ‘We cannot give any confirmation, and the schedule will be officially announced after the final decision is available’. 

If this information is correct, BTS will release a new single targeting the international market exactly 9 months since ‘Dynamite’ was released on August 21 last year.  The single ‘Dynamite’ has set many records on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and even brought a Grammy nomination for the group, so the public is eagerly looking forward to the records that the group will achieve with this new single. 

 Are you looking forward to BTS’s next comeback?

Source: News1

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