“Pachinko” Jin Ha has remained silent for two days since the hidden camera controversy broke out… Isn’t he embarrassed when seeing Youn Yuh-jung and Lee Min-ho?

“Pachinko” actor Jin Ha was recently exposed to have taken and posted photos of Korean elderly women without permission 11-12 years ago. He has not yet revealed any position on this. 

Jin Ha’s controversy over hidden cameras and sexual harassment broke out on March 25th, the day Apple TV+ released the drama “Pachinko”, the actor remained silent not only on that day but also until today (March 26th). In particular, Jin Ha is still running his personal Instagram, Twitter, and blog actively.

Since Apple TV+ is busy promoting the masterpiece “Pachinko”, which was invested about 100 billion won, it has not even issued an apology for the controversy over its cast member doing hidden cameras. At the press conference on March 25th, Apple TV+ announced, “The first episode of ‘Pachinko’ can also be found on Apple’s Youtube channel in Korea from 10 A.M today to 3:59 P.M on April 1”. There was no mention of the hidden cameras and sexual harassment controversy. Is it because Jin Ha’s hidden camera targets were not young women? Women are still women regardless of age. 

Pachinko Jinha

Jin Ha posted photos he took on his official blog from July 2010 to September 2011. The posts were kept public for 11 years and were only began to be deleted by Jin Ha after the controversy over hidden cameras and sexual harassment broke out on March 25th. At the moment, only one photo remains on the blog. 

From what netizens captured, Jin Ha’s photos were taken on subways, buses, and travel destinations in Korea. He took these pictures without permission and posted them together with his feelings and thoughts. His captions and comments were so rude as they sexually harrassed elderly women to the point that the photos cannot be classified as photographic arts.

Pachinko Jinha

The TV series Pachinko, starring Jinha, is a remake of a novel of the same name. It talked about war, peace, love, and separation between Korea, Japan, and the United States. Some say that it contains detailed and warm stories about the hopes and dreams of Korean immigrant families. But Jinha broke the ice.

In “Pachinko“, Jinha plays Solomon Baek, the grandson of Seon-ja (Youn Yuh-jung), a person who appreciates the sacrifice and love of his grandmother. Solomon was born in Korea just like Jinha, but he is an immigrant and uses Korea to achieve his success. In a recent interview on “Pachinko“, Jinha said, “Solomon is the result of the sacrifices and decisions of the previous generation. The people who lived in that generation all had to bear a lot of burdens. When I came to America, my parents sacrificed a lot.” I put a lot of weight on how to show this sacrifice,” he said.

Pachinko Jinha

Under the Special Act on Sexual Violence, hidden camera criminals can be sentenced to up to seven years in prison or fined up to 50 million won if they take pictures of certain areas such as the other person’s chest or butt, as well as full body or even crowd photos.

Jin Ha might apologize for causing this controversy, but his belated apology will not change much of the situation. It’s unbelievable that we are trying to get an apology from him through domestic public opinion but fortunately, his poor thoughts and values are revealed to the world although it is a bit late. 

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