An Industry Insider Was Behind the Illegal Filming in an Actress’ Waiting Room? 

An actress recently discovered an illegal filming camera in her waiting room, and the culprit is likely an industry insider. 

In the midst of musical actress Kim Hwan-hee discovering an illegal filming camera in her dressing room, claims have emerged that the suspect is an insider in the industry.

Particularly, media outlet Financial News recently reported, “The suspect who installed the illegal filming camera in Kim Hwan-hee’s waiting room is believed to be an insider in the performing arts industry. If the suspect’s identity is revealed, it is expected to cause significant social repercussions.”

On the other hand, back on April 9, Kim Hwan-hee reported her discovery of an illegal filming camera at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul and requested an investigation.

kim hwan hee thumbnail

According to the actress, she found a hidden camera on the sofa in her dressing room while waiting to perform for a musical. 

Source: Nate

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