Actress Reported Illegal Filming in Her Dressing Room, Investigation is Underway 

A Korean actress recently discovered an illegal filming camera in her dressing room and reported it to the police.

On April 16, the agency of actress Kim Hwan-hee released a statement about Kim Hwan-hee discovering an illegal filming camera in her dressing room. 

The full statement from the agency is as below: 


This is Blue Stage, the agency of actress Kim Hwan-hee.

Recently, actress Kim Hwan-hee discovered an illegal filming camera in her dressing room and reported it. The dressing room in musical theaters is not just a waiting area. It’s a space where actors wait until the performance, change into stage costumes, and even shower after the performance. Installing illegal filming cameras in such spaces is a clear criminal act and an unpleasant incident that should not happen. We are currently conducting an investigation.

kim hwan hee

Therefore, until further notice for the stable recovery of Kim Hwan-hee’s daily life, we will not proceed with the departure route for Kim Hwan-hee’s performances until further notice. Please deliver letters or gifts to the company or Blue Stage of the respective performance.

Furthermore, we kindly request that indiscriminate use of the victims’ photos and comments be avoided until the investigation is concluded.”

On the other hand, Kim Hwan-hee reported to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on the 9th that he had found a hidden camera on the sixth floor of the Gwanglim Art Center building and requested an investigation.

Source: Daum

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