A male idol who can take a soak in the bath with Park Na-rae

A debate about male and female friends suddenly broke out on “I Live Alone”.

In the latest episode of “I Live Alone”, Lee Eun-ji‘s furniture relocation in spring was broadcast. Her “male friend” Kim Hae-joon went out to help Lee Eun-ji which led to a sudden debate about male and female friends.

I Live Alone

Kian84 said, “I guess he is single,” making everyone started a debate about “Is it okay to help your female girlfriend arrange the furniture if you already have a girlfriend?”

Code Kunst opposed that idea, “It’s not okay. It might be if you are very close with that female friend, but the time of helping is very important. It should be okay if you are at her house when the day is not dark yet. It’s definitely a no if the sun has already set,” he said, explaining that one should avoid strange(?) time to avoid unnecessary feelings.

However, Key didn’t agree, “If you think about it like that, then she is already out of the category of your female friends.”

Kian84 then joined in the debate, saying, “Won’t it mean that you have feelings for her if you come to her house to help her? If you don’t have any feelings for her, there’s no reason to come.” After Code Kunst replied that “You can help her because of your friendship,” Kian84 insisted that “There’s no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman.”

However, Park Na-rae’s extreme male friends suddenly appeared. After Key said “I can even take a soak in the bath with Na-rae,” Jeon Hyun-moo joined in to say that he could even scrub Na-rae’s back for her. They insisted that if they just saw each other as friends, then there would be no problem.

I Live Alone

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