Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young: “This dispute with Lee Seung Gi is the hardest moment ever in my life”

Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, expressed her position on the controversy over the music royalties settlement of Lee Seung Gi, a singer and actor from her agency.

CEO Kwon Jin Young released an official position on Nov 30th, saying, “I have lived as a manager for 25 years. I have been through many things, but I think I’ve never experienced anything as hard and difficult as this one. I think people should follow their responsibility from beginning to end of any dispute or misunderstanding.”

“I hope that Hook, the company that I been building for 25 years, and our celebrities now won’t be affected,” she said, “I would like to apologize once again by bowing my head.”

Kwon Jin Young

CEO Kwon said, “I will take full responsibility for the dispute related to Lee Seung Gi and dispose of my personal property to take responsibility, without avoiding the responsibility I have to take.”

Finally, she bowed her head again, saying, “I’m sorry to our Hook Entertainment employees, who must have been through hell in the past few days due to this sudden incident, and to everyone who has had to see the news they didn’t want to see due to this incident.”

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Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi, a singer and actor from Hook Entertainment, sent proof that he has not been able to receive any music revenue from the agency for 18 years since his debut in 2004. In response, Hook claimed, “The accusation is different from the truth.” However, when the controversy grew, Kwon promised, “I will take full responsibility without hiding or avoiding consequences.” However, the controversy has intensified since then as the transcript containing CEO Kwon’s abusive remarks and power abuse continued to spread.

Source: Wikitree

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